Government Jobs Vs Private Jobs in India 2016

The most important question strikes the candidate after doing 12th and Graduation that which job is better for him/her Private Jobs or Government Job. Government job vs. Private Job this is because no one is completely perfect. First we have to set our aim that where we are stand now. After that choose your base which probably suit you and make our lifestyle better.


The main question arises at that time when candidate searches job and confused. There is nothing to worry about that we will tell you the benefit of both job then you will decide which job is better. Some candidates choose govt. job because of security and stability but the government job is very difficult to get  &choose  private job handsome salary scale. In private job if you are working on any post then there may be chances to get promotions after 4 or 5 months if you are doing good work and responsible person for the organization


Candidate Influences Government Job


Government job considered to be safe & secure with no threat of job loss. When it is Job hunters believe in government job to make their future of his/her and their children more strong. No doubt government organisation pay less then private organisation but there is job security which is most important point for future aspect One most important advantageous point in govt sector is the better retirement benefits than private sector jobNo doubt government sector offered perks than private sector like pension, financial services, time limit, and promotion, relaxed and congenial working style. In private sector there is no time limit if you have a work than you have to sit for whole day and night.


Private Sector jobs


Job opportunities for employee in private sector is maximum than government sector. But the main disadvantage of private job is job security& if you want handsome salary then you have some experience in other companies, fresher get little salary in starting but when they get an experience then their salary hikes very fast. There is no guarantee about your job if you have a caliber and patience to do work in a company than you can stay over there for a long time

Many companies introduce rounds for selection process

  • Written exam is conducted to check the candidate skills or communication.
  • Group discussion round is also included in the selection.

Main Advantages of Government jobs over Private Sector jobs!


  • There is a benefit of Job Security
  • You can get high Pay Scale after getting some experience or knowledge
  • Working hours is less then private
  • You can get high Promotions
  • At this time Benefits and perks given to the employees.
  • Work stress is less then private.

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